Spice Things Up

The all-white kitchen, the reigning trophy room of the home, is not going away anytime soon.

But change is afoot: colour is tiptoeing back into the kitchen. A growing number of consumers are looking to add some friendliness and warmth to the often cold, clinical white-and-grey cooking spaces that have dominated the past decade. Cobalt blue, pale pink and pumpkin are among the colours that are seeping into cabinets, islands, and even sinks and taps.

More and more designers are using two colours for kitchen surfaces, one for the island and one for the perimeter. Shades of white and grey are still the most dominant colours for kitchen counters, according to Werner. (Of the 181 Corian solid surface colours available, 33 are white, and 47 are grey; there are only two reds, eight greens and one orange.) But brighter colours are becoming more popular, in small doses. In small kitchens, Werner says, the same colour can be used on several surfaces – perhaps some open shelving or a small cabinet door – to unify the space.

Colour statements can make an appearance on counters or backsplashes as flecks of vibrant or reflective colour, H-Millard says. Quartz and natural stone manufacturers are adding interest to their surfaces using glass chips or metallic flecks.

Come in and see us and let us a bring a little colour in to your lives, too.

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